Medicine Feeder - PPS
Medicine Feeder - PPS

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Medicine Feeder - PPS

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PPS Exclusive - Each Set Will Contain 13 Items


Recommended Age: Newborn & Up


Suitable for:

- Feeding medicine

- Use for liquid / soft foods


Product Highlights:

-Medicine is dispensed sideways, behind the taste buds

-Measured syringe for exact dosage

-Helps reduce risk of choking

-Bacteria Resistant & Eco Friendly Silicone


How to Use:

  1. Measure your medicine dosage & fill bottom cap
  2. Or you can also fill directly from the medicine bottle
  3. Remove the pacifier head
  4. Fill the syringe with liquid medicine by gently pulling the stopper upwards.
  5. Insert pacifier head
  6. Push down syringe gently to dispense medicine


Full Retail Price: P198


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