Our Story

Growing with You

Tiny Buds is a Family-Owned, Female-Led  Business Founded  in 2009 with only one product. Tiny Buds is a pioneer in integrating natural ingredients into baby care and today has over 50 innovative natural baby care essentials and is one of the Top Baby Personal Care brands. 

Our Mission is to turn parent’s moments of panic into moments of magic through unique natural baby care products that help make parent’s lives a tiny bit easier every single day.

Our promise is that as each of you go through all the ups & downs of parenting, we want you to know that we will always be here helping, supporting and Growing With You.


Dear Mom & Dad,

No matter what you are going through

Tiny Buds is here

Growing with you


Natural • Safe • Gentle Baby Products Made with Love

Every child is a tiny bud that needs love and nurturing to grow. At Tiny Buds, our goal is to help parents care for their precious babies by providing natural baby products without harsh chemicals, artificial preservatives and unnecessary additives.

There’s nothing parents wouldn’t do to ensure their children get the best start in life. But it’s easy to get confused with so many options available! How can parents make the right choices when many baby products have fancy labels, sweet fragrances and big promises! A wrong choice can cause discomfort or allergies! Only the safest and mildest products can be trusted to care for our babies.

That’s why when moms and dads discover Tiny Buds, they can’t help but fall in love! Finally! A brand that genuinely understands their worries and takes away the stress of guessing and choosing the right baby products to use.


The Magic of Storytelling

What makes Tiny Buds so special is it takes on the extra step to help parents, not just care for baby's skin and wellness through products, but also to help them teach timeless values to their children through the magic of storytelling. 

Each of Tiny Buds’ products features a character that has become beloved by both parents and children. These characters all come with stories that teach values like gratefulness, honesty, happiness, helpfulness, and hope, which are meant to be shared with children during their tender formative years.

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