Buds & Blooms Reusable Nursing Pads (6 Pcs)
Buds & Blooms Reusable Nursing Pads (6 Pcs)

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Buds & Blooms Reusable Nursing Pads (6 Pcs)

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Buds & Blooms Reusable Nursing Pads are washable pads to prevent excess breastmilk from leaking on mommy's clothes. Each box has 6 pads (3 Pairs) as follows:

4 pcs Day Time Pads 

2 pcs Night Time Pads

Nursing Pads are made with multiple layers of Cloth & Bamboo Fiber which is Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable. Bamboo fiber is also softer than cotton & has a higher moisture absorption for leak free confidence!

Inner Layer 

This layer will lay on the breast directly and is made with Bamboo to prevent spread of bacteria and is a natural deodorizer

Middle Layer 

Absorbent & Breathable fabric to hold in breastmilk residue 

Outer Layer

Waterproof layer to prevent milk from leaking through clothes 

Best used together with the Breastfeeding Cleansing Mist to clean breast & nipple safely before & after every feeding.


How to use all our Breastfeeding Essentials:

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