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Introducing Twiga’s Big Thank You Gift Bundle, This set Includes:

1pc. Limited Edition Bottle Wash with Storybook

3pcs. Bottle Wash Refill (400ml)

1 FREE Twiga Plush


We at Tiny Buds have made it our mission to help parents raise more grateful and appreciative tots through an all-original story that aims to serve as a simple reminder for kids about the  magic of saying the words, “Thank you.”  The Story stars our very own baby giraffe, Twiga! who is on the cover of each bottle wash product.


Storybook Cover

You can watch the Story Here!


In order to share this story to all, Tiny Buds has launched a limited edition Bottle Wash (600ml). Each bottle will have a FREE mini storybook for Mommies and their little ones to enjoy! This limited edition bottle is available on the Tiny Buds official website. Limited Quantities only.


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